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Epic bots is the best partner to launch your brand in Facebook Messenger. We'll craft a revolutionary experience of your brand for your customers thanks to messaging bots and artificial intelligence technology.


Your brand in Facebook Messenger


Hey Alice, where would you like to shop? Soho Great, there are items at -50% in SoHo 😍
πŸ‘— πŸ‘’ πŸ‘›
Ok, dresses... Perfect, use the promo code SA243 here: Sandrino, 436 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Talk to your future customers to understand their needs and tastes. Introduce the products they love and seduce them with personalized deals!

  • Discover your customers' needs and taste
  • Present personalized products and services
  • Offer personalized discounts and deals
  • Notify your fans of news and special offers
  • Sell ​​directly in Facebook Messenger
  • Redirect shoppers to your e-commerce site
  • Invite shoppers to your retail stores


I'd like to book a table for 2 people wednesday evening Of course Aaron. Your table for two is reserved: this wednesday 02/14 at 7pm. Thanks πŸ‘ Don't forget to share our new menu with your friends!
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Introduce your place and services. Invite your future customers to book a table or make an appointment and enjoy a high quality experience!

  • Introduce your brand, your space, your very unique atmosphere
  • Present your products and services
  • Take reservations and appointments
  • Send reminders and provide practical information
  • Make direct contact by email or call
  • Thank and collect opinions and suggestions


Hello Lucy, we have 53 technical job openings. What industry are you interested in? Software and Internet And what type of job? Web and mobile app development Send me a picture of your resume and I'll show you our 8 developer jobs in the πŸŒπŸ“± industry. You'll be able to apply in one click!

Present your jobs and offer personalized advice to tomorrow's talents. Have candidates apply in Messenger and follow up on their application until they are hired!

  • Introduce your company, your jobs and career paths
  • Advise talent on their resume and prepare them for job interviews
  • Allow talents to contact your recruiters by LinkedIn, email or direct call
  • Receive applications directly from Messenger
  • Notify your candidates of the progress of their application


Hi Ben, how was the concert? Awesome! The Pixels still rock haha Great to know πŸ‘ Would you like me to notify you of upcoming events related to the Pixels? Sure Ok, I'll keep you informed of new concert dates and insider info πŸ˜‰

Engage customers and fans by sharing news, content and events they really want.

  • Offer a subscription to personalized news and events
  • Notify of relevant news and events
  • Ask for feedback and improvement suggestions
  • Suggest sharing to colleagues, friends and family


Our bots can do it all!

Instant Messaging

Start a conversation where it's already happening every day for millions of American mobile users. Our bots allow you to communicate at a personal level on a large scale!

  • No friction: no need to download an app and create an account to access your services.
  • More interaction: a presence on smartphone home screens and priority notifications.
  • Facebook and Messenger to reach massive audiences: 33% of Americans regularly use Messenger, 66% of 16-24 year olds.
  • Telegram for privacy and confidentiality.
  • Google Allo and Google Home for mixed text and voice experiences.

Artificial Intelligence

Listen to users with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology. Our bots deal with complex requests and take spontaneous comments into account.

  • Intent analysis to get users faster to the service they're asking for.
  • Data extraction to recongize dates, places and other parameters specific to your bot from natural user inputs."
  • Internal memory to track conversational context and provide smarter interactions."

Business Analytics

Analyze user conversations to improve your engagement and retention rates. Our bots come with a dashboard to easily visualize your success metrics.

  • User action tracking, including events and parameters specific to your bot.
  • Time-based metrics with breakdowns based on demographics: age, sex, location and device.
  • Conversion rates and cohort analysis for experts.
  • Facebook Analytics for Apps dashboard or a 100% customized solution.

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